Ayurvedic treatment for all kidney-related conditions

Karma Ayurveda Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Hospital, one of the best kidney treatment centres in Asia, wholly stands on the practices of Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, a kidney can rejuvenate completely if proper herbal treatment is initiated at the right time. Karma Ayurveda is the leading Ayurveda hospital in Delhi that is healing health ailments and specialising in renal issues all over the country with ayurvedic science and medications. The enhancement of Ayurveda and personal touch in the treatment by the doctors leads to a delightful experience for the patients.

Karma Ayurveda was established in the year 1937 and this Ayurvedic clinic has bloomed with time due to the strong patient base of successfully treated cases we have cured with our approach. We always use Ayurvedic therapy for the treatment and help patients break down the protocols of dialysis and transplant. If you make searches like ‘Karma Ayurveda near me’. You will get to know that we use 100% organic methods for the treatment, the patients get other benefits like the renal tissue starts repairing with the electrolyte imbalance management, and urea level, and creatinine starts balancing as the GFR improves.

Caring for your well being - Why us?

Our kidney specialists hospital in Delhi has gained years of trust and apprehension working on the fundamentals of Ayurveda. We have attained more than 80 years of proficiency in producing ayurvedic medications, so that they do not leave any worrisome effects on your body. The ultimate agenda is to let our patients lead life to its fullest and sustain healthily. The procedure is simple; all you have to do is drop us a message on any platform you are comfortable with, our team will get in touch with you within hours.

We are available on every single platform for your ease, be it emails, Whatsapp, or calls. You can also visit Karma Ayurveda Delhi hospital address for the treatment.

Here are some of the highlights of service, we the team at Karma Ayurveda offers to you:

  • No two patients ought to get the same medications as they are customised according to the severity of their problem
  • Free health plans and diet advice from ayurvedic health experts
  • Detailed information about your problem through call and mail
  • Live YouTube videos allow patients to get some valuable knowledge about their kidneys

If you check out for Dr. Puneet Karma Ayurveda reviews, you can easily analyse the relevance and credibility that treatments hold.

Basic Principles of Karma Ayurveda

We have set basic principles for our treatment plans as we believe in thriving with morals.

  • Treating the damaged kidney
  • Treating harmed tissues and cells
  • Working on the underlying cause of damage

The Basic Elements Of Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is not all about herbal medications rather there are three basic elements of Ayurvedic treatment, these are:

  • Herbal medications
  • Kidney-friendly diet
  • Yoga stances

Karma Ayurveda Treatment

We, "Karma Ayurveda", are well trusted Ayurvedic clinic that is preeminent for treating patients suffering from all types of kidney problems all over the world. We provide 100% herbal medications and proper balance diet to our patients. The patient is highly treasured for the personal touch, caring attitude and 24x7assistance by our well-qualified health counsellors and doctors. Karma Ayurveda’s overall treatment plan facilitates the improvement in the physical level and medical reports of the patients (Including the GFR level of the kidney).


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