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Established since 1937, Karma Ayurveda has been working dedicatedly based on the Ayurvedic principle to ensure good health of the society. Our aim has been to treat the patients through an Ayurvedic approach and integrating it often with some modern advancements to promote and heal with holistic health strategies as well. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, an Ayurvedic Expert has been leading the company smoothly along with providing effective Ayurvedic treatments to his patients. He is the 5th generation of the family offering some excellent alternatives to already existing intense and invasive procedures. Karma Ayurveda has already treated over 1,50,000 patients across the globe and has been creating milestones ever since. 

Being awarded at IFA with Best Ayurveda Doctor in India, Dr. Puneet Dhawan has set a bar for all the Ayurvedic institutions by focusing on quality care and following the set of standards set by the respective authoritative organizations. Our mission remains to improve the quality of life of the people and help them find respite from their health problems.

However, over the years, several people have tend to use our brand name and generate their own profits along with spreading a negative image for the company. While we make you aware of such frauds and spams, we do take the necessary steps to ensure that no freebies make a fool out of you.


Our Ayurvedic wellness centres and herbal medicines are NABH and FDA approved simultaneously that speak volumes about our credibility. Our Ayurvedic formulas prepared in our in-house labs are tried and tested under expert supervision after being prepared in a chemical free environment.

Our experts are up to date with the ongoing trends and the researches coming up in the niche of Ayurveda. Our focus is to always discover and create authentic, safe, and effective solutions for the society. We specialize in treating the diseases through unique Ayurvedic therapies like Panchakarma, Virechanam, Vamanan, and many more.

Offering trustworthy healthcare services to a variety of ailments, we aim to let the people understand that every patient has its own recovery journey and should not be misleaded by any kind of false information. If you are dealing with any kind of discomfort, you must reach out to our Ayurvedic experts and see the results of treatment yourself.

We aim to develop faith and positivity around Ayurveda that can truly help you fight your diseases from the core and boost recovery patterns. Your feedback is precious to us and therefore, we expect you to get in touch with us for better solutions before getting underconfident by listening to false information.

Patient Testimonials

Mr. Prince Kumar

I had taken several treatments for my acute kidney failure but the conditions always reemerged in one form or the other. After getting disappointed at every place, I opted to change the therapy. Through the Internet, I got to know about Karma Ayurveda. Several people like me had queries if it was a scam or fraud but there were numerous positive reviews too. When I went there, I got in touch with a kidney specialist, Dr. Puneet Dhawan and got treated under his supervision. My entire perspective had changed about what negative reviews I had read. It was a positive experience and I am doing much better now.

Mrs. Anju Kumari

My mother was struggling with polycystic kidney disease and had tried everything but no effective results were visible. I started finding alternatives for her and was recommended Karma Ayurveda by one of the knowns. Several kidney patients had got treatment from here in which some got treated while some had several complaints as visible on Google. Some were of the opinion that it’s fraud but it’s all wrong. My mother got ayurvedic treatment here 1 year ago and now she is completely fine.

Mr. Garg

The treatment at Karma Ayurveda is not fake or fraud. I read and saw several negative reviews of kidney patients but once I took the treatment here, all of my queries were resolved. I had nephrotic syndrome and my glomerular filtration rate was compromised. To deal with it, I went with their herbal treatments, took the medicines on time, and followed every guideline that was told by the doctors to follow. I am very happy with the treatment and my symptoms have reduced to a great extent.

Miss. Anita Rawat

Initially, I was very depressed with my kidney failure condition. Even dialysis was not helping a bit. When I went to Karma Ayurveda, I was very nervous at first as there were several negative kidney patient reviews. No complaints were justified compared to the treatment received here. The medicines provided by doctors were very effective but it’s just that they work a bit slow. I followed the renal diet chart provided by the Ayurvedic kidney experts by heart and my kidney functioning has improved. I haven't felt weak and tired for a few weeks.

Mr. Vikas

My name is Vikas and I took my kidney treatment from Karma Ayurveda. I was guided under the supervision of Doctor Puneet Dhawan. I was experiencing some extreme symptoms and complications of kidney disease. I found about Karma Ayurveda from YouTube and earlier I was into allopathic medicines only but they were not giving me the long lasting relief that I wanted. Then my friend suggested consulting Doctor Puneet Dhawan and I was actually confused in starting to think if it is fake or fraud. But anyways I came here and the results of treatment were positive.

Mrs. Shashwati

It is really unpleasant to have your entire blood purified with a surgical procedure twice or three times a week. Because my creatinine level was not returning to normal, my allopathic doctor recommended Dialysis to save my life. My kidneys were not functioning properly, according to the doctor, and I was experiencing other issues such as weakness, edema, and difficulty walking. Then I decided to try Karma Ayurveda for this chronic condition and saw Dr. Dhawan. Initially, I was confused looking at the complaints and negative reviews. Only after 28 days of medicine did I feel better and the difficulties began to fade.

Mr. Anand

Chronic renal diseases are difficult to diagnose because patients like me are unable to identify symptoms in the early stages. My uric acid and creatinine levels were elevated, causing dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and other symptoms in my body. My spouse and I sought ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda to resolve the issue. Doctor Puneet Dhawan from Karma Ayurveda recommended various dietary adjustments as well as ayurvedic medicines that were extremely bitter to eat. But I had no choice but to accept them. Within 10 to 15 days of continuing the medications, the condition began to improve. There are several negative kidney patient reviews but don’t pay attention to them. Its’s really beneficial.

Mr. Dilip Kumar

I went to Karma Ayurveda about 2 months ago for my kidney ailment, which is elevated creatinine. Swelling, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite prompted me to have a thorough body check-up. That's when I discovered my kidneys weren't operating properly. I have always believed in Ayurveda and so thought of approaching Doctor Puneet Dhawan. Mant friends thought it is scam, fraud, and there are lot of complaints but I came as it was my last rescue. Instead of allopathic drugs, he uses ayurveda herbs to boost kidney function. His Ayurvedic treatment demonstrates that chronic renal disease does not always necessitate dialysis or transplantation to remain healthy.

Mr. Ashish Raj

Doctor Puneet Dhawan is another name that is well-known for delivering ayurvedic remedies for kidney disorders, and I can say this because of my experience. I'd never been to Delhi before, but my nephew, who lives there, suggested I come here for treatment. I had many doubts whether it was fake or genuine, whether all negative reviews and complaints are true or not. I had no choice but to listen to him and seek advice from Dr. Dhawan. He listened to my situation and advised me to have a creatinine test done because they had in-house lab capabilities. I conducted the same thing and discovered that my creatinine level was nearly 6.3 at the time. His ayurvedic drugs were effective for me, and my health began to improve.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma

My wife's name is Rajni Sharma. She has been suffering from nephrotic syndrome for the past 3 years. We saw numerous allopathic doctors prior to beginning Karma Ayurveda treatment but were unsatisfied with the results. According to the physicians, she became weaker by the day due to protein loss. Her difficulties were dizziness, nausea, food tolerance, and mental stress. It was exhausting to watch her health deteriorate. I was confused and fearful of fake and fraud things when we though of Ayurveda. Then, one day, a Karma Ayurveda advertisement appeared on my Instagram and YouTube profile. Doctor Puneet Dhawan listened to our condition patiently and persuaded us to pursue Ayurvedic treatment. She was better than ever after 2 or 3 weeks of treatment, and it was our best decision to date.

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