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Patient Testimonials

Imagine how your life would be when your 6-years old child gets diagnosed with kidney disease. He was suffering from bed-wetting with a high level of creatinine and blood urea nitrogen. In the initial, we felt bed-wetting at this stage was normal but one of our neighbors suggested us to meet our family doctor. He suggested urine tests to know what the problem was and the results were shocking. We decided to visit Delhi for better treatment and consulted Dr. Puneet Dhawan for the ayurvedic kidney treatment. After taking the treatment, healthy diet, he is totally fine and physical fit, unlike before.

Master Prince Kumar

Anju Kumari is my wife. She has been the victim of the nephrotic syndrome from the past 8 years. Before ayurvedic treatment, we approached many allopathic doctors but did not get satisfying results. She grew weak day by day because of protein loss, as told by the doctors. Dizziness, nausea, food tolerance, and mental stress were a few of the complications she had. I was overwhelming seeing her health constantly declining. Then one day Karma Ayurveda ad popped up on my Facebook profile. We thought of visiting the hospital once as the last resort. Doctor Puneet Dhawan listened to our problem in a so calm manner and convinced us for Ayurvedic treatment. After 2 or 3 weeks of the treatment, she was better than ever before and it was our best choice till date.

Mrs Anju Kumari

My name is Vikrant and I am one of the patients of Doctor Puneet Dhawan. I had some of the symptoms and complications of kidney disease due to which I was not able to lead a normal life like every other person. I was onto allopathic medicines because only they could provide an early relief but got no intended results. Then my friend suggested consulting Doctor Puneet Dhawan because he heard once that Ayurveda is the best remedy to control the increasing levels of creatinine. Consequently, I approached him, had the required tests once again, took ayurvedic medicines and the results were amazing. Thank you!

Mr. Garg

Taking dialysis is not easy as it is quite miserable to have your entire blood cleansed with a surgical that too two or three times a week. My allopathic doctor suggested Dialysis to prevent life because my creatinine level was not getting normal. The doctor told me that my kidneys are not functional and I was having several other complications as well such as weakness, swelling and difficulty walking. Then I thought of switching to Ayurveda for this chronic problem and consulted Dr. Dhawan for this. Only after 8 days of medications, I felt better and the complications started to reduce.

Miss Anita Rawat

Chronic kidney problems are quite problematic as patients like me cannot figure out the symptoms in the initial stage. My uric acid and creatinine were high due to which I felt dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and other symptoms in my body. My husband and I contacted Karma Ayurveda for ayurvedic treatment to cure the problem. Doctor Dhawan suggested some dietary changes and ayurvedic medicines which were so bitter to consume. But I had no choice and took them anyway. The problem started to reduce within 10 to 15 days of the continuity of the medicines. Everyone in my family is so happy with what Dr. Dhawan is up to!

Mrs. Shiwangi Soni

A month back I visited Karma Ayurveda for my kidney problem that is high creatinine. Swelling in the body, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and loss of hunger made me had my full body check-up. That was the time I got to know that my kidneys are not working properly. I always believe in Ayurveda and thus thought of contacting none other than Doctor Puneet Dhawan. He uses ayurvedic herbs to improve kidney function instead of allopathic medications. His Ayurvedic treatment is proof that chronic kidney disease does not always need dialysis or transplant to maintain health.

Mrs Shashwati

I was onto dialysis 3 times each week that made me too fragile. I felt gloomy to proceed with dialysis any more. My body could not support me at that time and I was bedridden completely. Somewhere with God's grace, my family got to know about ayurvedic treatment. The very next day, we consulted Doctor Puneet Dhawan to help me get rid of dialysis. He assured me of the positive effects of Ayurvedic treatment. I did not believe him until I saw myself getting better. It was a life changing experience for my entire family and me. I would recommend every kidney patient going through dialysis to visit Karma Ayurveda at least once to get better in a natural way.


I am one of the patients of Dr. Dhawan who never believed in Ayurveda until before I got relief from the treatment. I was facing the complications of kidney disease being unable to walk and go to the office. I was suffering in emotional, physical, and monetary terms and the cost was quite huge. Consulting Doctor Puneet Dhawan was the best idea on those days of my health problem. He listened to my problem and suggested what changes I could have in my life to feel better. I did exactly what he said and went regular on my medications. The very next month when I had the test again, my creatinine level was bought down to an acceptable range of 1.5 mg/dL.

Dilip Kumar

Being at the stage of kidney failure, my family doctor suggested organ transplant to manage my life. I was a science test so I somewhat knew that organ transplant can make your life more severe, so this was not my cup of tea. Being from a science background, I never trusted on Ayurveda. But when I felt allopathic treatment was not working on me, I had no choice but to look for ayurvedic treatment. Then I went through the Karma Ayurveda’s website as they provide medicines in my hometown also. Dr. Dhawan ensured that I get the best out of my treatment by providing a kidney diet.

Ashish Raj

Doctor Puneet Dhawan is another name known for providing ayurvedic treatments for kidney problems and I can say this with all my heart. I have never been to Delhi before but my nephew, who is living in Delhi, suggested me to come here for my treatment. I had no choice but to listen to him and consulted Dr. Dhawan. He listened to my problem, said to have creatinine test as they have in-house lab facilities to do so. I did the same and got to know my creatinine was almost 6.3 at that time. His ayurvedic medications worked well for me and my health started to improve.

Pankaj Sharma