How Ayurveda Treating Cerebral Palsy?

REVIVE THE DOSHA IMBALANCE WITH AYURVEDIC TREATMENT To deal with cerebral palsy, it is important that a diagnosis is made at the earliest. To facilitate this process, our cerebral palsy specialists will identify the dosha imbalances that will be the basis of brain paralysis treatment. Karma Ayurveda lets you preserve a high quality of life as a long term phenomenon. If you have been tired of opting for modern and newest treatments for cerebral palsy and haven’t observed any improvements, Ayurveda is your one-stop solution.

The ayurvedic medicines for cerebral palsy will be provided by experts along with Panchakarma therapies. It is truly helpful in both symptom control and halting the disease's further progression. With these individualised therapy, quality of life can be significantly increased.

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What Treatments Do We Offer?


Spastic Cerebral Palsy Treatment

This is the most common type of cerebral palsy, accounting for approximately 70-80% of all cases. It is characterized by muscle stiffness or spasticity, which can make movements rigid and difficult. Spastic cerebral palsy can affect various parts of the body, and it can be further categorized into three subtypes based on the distribution of limb involvement.


Non-Spastic Cerebral Palsy Treatment

This category includes various subtypes where muscle stiffness is not the primary characteristic. Instead, other types of abnormal muscle tone, such as hypotonia (reduced muscle tone), and athetosis (involuntary writhing movements), are more prominent. The two main subtypes of non-spastic cerebral palsy.

How Does Cerebral Palsy Treatment Work?


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You can get in touch with our Cerebral Palsy doctor who can assist you in every possible way and provide correct guidance. This could be done either online or by a visit to the clinic. You can select the time that suits you to book the appointment. We will provide you with effective ayurvedic medicines for Cerebral Palsy.


Care Coordination

Members speak to a Care Coordinator who will triage and update the patient’s Electronic Health Record ( EHR ) along with all symptoms you can also schedule your appointment for a time that works for you.


Make a Visit

Join our vitiligo specialists for a natural treatment on Call or Text Online. The doctor will study your symptoms and make a treatment plan. Based on the range of symptoms and the problems being experienced, the right therapies are determined.


Ayurvedic Treatment Plan

The doctors at Karma Ayurveda provide a Cerebral Palsy treatment plan based on the diagnosis, considering factors such as the patient's overall health, medical history, severity of the condition, and available treatment options. The vitiligo treatment plan may include therapies, ayurvedic medicine for Cerebral Palsy, better diet and sleep patterns, and lifestyle modifications.


Diet Recommendations

The Ayurveda experts suggest dietary changes based on the patient's dosha imbalance. The ayurvedic treatment for Cerebral Palsy or similar issues include focusing on your food habits, consumption of herbal medicines, and certain lifestyle guidelines to revive strength and promote healing.


Lifestyle Modifications

Ayurveda recognizes the impact of lifestyle on individual health. Our vitiligo specialist advises the patients on lifestyle modifications as a part of ayurvedic vitiligo treatment, such as physical exercises, and diet routines.


Follow-up and Monitoring

The Cerebral Palsy ayurvedic treatment involves regularly monitoring the patient's progress and making adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. Follow-up consultations help assess the effectiveness of the treatment and make any necessary modifications.

Ayurvedic Expert

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a well renowned name in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. He is an esteemed Ayurvedic kidney expert and leading 5th generation of Karma Ayurveda, one of the leading healthcare centres in India, UAE, USA and UK. He specialises in providing the treatment of numerous kidney diseases. Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team of Ayurvedic doctors offer personalised treatment plans that rely on natural herbs and techniques to improve overall kidney function and prevent further damage. Karma Ayurveda's treatments focus on not only treating the symptoms but also addressing the underlying causes of kidney disease. With a patient-centred approach and a wealth of experience, Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team have helped millions of patients regain their health and improve their quality of life. The centre's success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of their treatment methods and the dedication of their staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Karma Ayurveda's approach to treating cerebral palsy?

    Karma Ayurveda follows a holistic and natural approach to treat cerebral palsy. The treatment involves Ayurvedic therapies, herbal medicines, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes to help manage the condition and improve the quality of life of the individual.

    Is Ayurvedic treatment effective for cerebral palsy?

    Ayurvedic treatment at Karma Ayurveda can be effective in managing cerebral palsy symptoms. While it may not offer a cure, it can help improve muscle tone, mobility, and overall well-being of the patient. The effectiveness may vary from person to person.

  • The Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by Karma Ayurveda are generally safe for cerebral palsy patients, including children. However, it is essential to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner who can tailor the treatment to the individual's specific needs, considering age, severity of the condition, and other factors.

  • The time it takes to see improvements in cerebral palsy symptoms with Ayurvedic treatment can vary widely depending on the individual's condition, age, and adherence to the treatment plan. Some individuals may experience noticeable improvements within a few months, while others may take longer. It's important to be patient and consistent with the treatment.

  • Karma Ayurveda's treatment can often be used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies for cerebral palsy. However, it is crucial to inform your healthcare providers about all the treatments being used to ensure they are aware of the combined approach and can provide appropriate guidance. Collaborative care may be the most effective way to manage cerebral palsy.

  • Karma Ayurveda's Ayurvedic treatments are generally considered safe with minimal side effects when administered by qualified practitioners. However, like any form of treatment, individual responses may vary. Some people might experience mild side effects, such as digestive discomfort or allergies to specific herbs. It's essential to communicate any adverse reactions with your Ayurvedic practitioner so that they can adjust the treatment plan accordingly.


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