What is Acute kidney Disease?

Acute Kidney Infection, commonly referred to as AKD, is the condition where unforeseen damage occurs to the kidneys. The elimination of excess salts, fluid, and the waste produced because of the chemical reactions that take place inside, is the core work of the kidneys. Acute kidney disease results in the accumulation of body fluid to dangerous levels and disturbance in the electrolyte balance, which can be life-threatening for individuals.

Sometimes, acute renal failure diagnosis is seen in people who are already under hospital supervision. The condition only takes a few days to weeks to become threatening, and so it is critical to go for the right treatment approach if you want to recover, possibly soon. The treatment of acute glomerulonephritis through an ayurvedic approach is efficient.

What are the causes of acute kidney disease?

Acute kidney disease happens when the kidney suddenly loses its function. Acute renal failure treatment is aided by a complete analysis of the core issues. The destruction of the kidney function is caused by conditions such as:

Loss of blood flow to the kidneys: Your kidneys need continual blood flow for sifting waste, in the absence of which, the kidneys in the worst scenario may fail ultimately.

    Such situations include:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Continuous internal or external bleeding
  • Severe diarrhoea
  • Drinking not enough water for a time
  • Severe allergic reaction

The ayurvedic remedy for kidney failure after a complete analysis of the causes will involve a ‘Prakriti Analysis’ of the body.

What are the signs and symptoms of acute kidney disease?

There are some acute kidney failure symptoms that can help to know if your kidney function is low or accurate, but you may not notice them right away. Your acute kidney disease treatment is based on analysis of these signs itself.

However, the possible signs that may help you out are:

  • Not enough urine: When the kidney function changes, the first thing that gets impacted is your urination process. Since the filters of the kidneys get damaged, you may have frothy urine because of the presence of protein
  • Dizziness: When the kidney function declines, you feel weak and low in energy with a puckish feeling.
  • Swelling: Fluffiness can also be a sign when the fluid starts to retain in the cells and tissues instead of elimination.
  • Changes in mental status: This happens because of the condition called anaemia, which creates confusion in mind with low memory
  • Malnutrition: When the kidney function declines, the body may feel incapable of digesting what you eat while some also feel appetite level reaching poor levels. Thus, malnutrition occurs when your body’s requirements are not met.
  • High blood pressure: High blood pressure is the sign as well as the underlying cause of kidney disease. When the waste accumulates in the bloodstream, the blood finds it difficult to transmute and flows with so much pressure.

If you are going through severe acute kidney injury stages, opting for renal failure ayurvedic treatment would be a better option.

What are the complications of acute kidney disease?

A few of the issues you may face with acute kidney disease are:

Why Is Karma Ayurveda A Perfect Fit?

If you are looking for the best kidney failure ayurvedic treatment then Karma Ayurveda could be the perfect choice for you. The acute kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda involves use of herbal medicines, ayurvedic therapies, and several herbal concoctions.

  • Get personalised and best ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure
  • Detailed diagnosis for ayurvedic treatment of kidney damage Use of ayurvedic acute renal failure medications filled with goodness of herbs
  • 100% safe and reliable procedures
  • Expert ayurvedic consultation and follow up sessions

The kidney failure treatment without dialysis in Ayurveda is aided by a combination of ayurvedic therapies, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and safe use of herbal procedures to improve your overall health quotient.

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