Understanding High Creatinine

The regular physical activity that our muscles perform generates creatinine, a chemical waste product that is present in the blood. The body will manufacture more creatinine the more muscle mass you have. The blood's creatinine levels indicate how often your kidneys remove this waste product. It is your kidneys that release creatinine because it is a waste product found in the blood.

Blood that is high in creatinine and other waste puts the body at the risk of developing lethal conditions, such as uremia. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney creatinine is the best treatment of choice for people who want to get rid of toxic substances in their body using Ayurveda.

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What Causes High Creatinine?

The main reasons behind the development of high creatinine levels in the body are:

  • High blood sugar is a disorder that destroys the glomerulus and nephrons. The glomeruli are the cleaners of the kidneys that expel creatinine; if they are damaged, it leads to a high creatinine quantity in the blood.
  • The kidneys are also attacked by the body's immune system in a number of autoimmune illnesses, including lupus.
  • Goodpasture's illness can lead to high creatinine levels in the body.
  • Chronic renal disease is a disorder where kidney function gradually declines.
  • Severe blood loss caused by shock
  • Dehydration

The ayurvedic treatment for reducing creatinine level will involve the thorough analysis of the symptoms that lead to development of higher creatinine levels.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms?

Some of the major issues faced during high creatinine are:

  • Dry or itchy skin
  • Weakness in the body
  • Signs you have flu
  • Swelling in the legs and foot
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty walking

What Could Be The Complications Of High Creatinine?

The major complications that might develop if creatinine treatment is ignored have been discussed below.

  • The kidneys perform the function of filtering out creatinine, a waste product that the muscles create. The reason your blood test results exhibit elevated blood creatinine indicate compromised renal function. Chronic renal disease will eventually result from this.
  • When you consume protein, the liver produces a byproduct called creatine. This substance is then passed to the muscles through the blood for the conversion into energy. The muscles convert the creatine into the amount of energy they need, and the rest is transformed in the form of waste called creatinine.
  • Since creatinine is a waste for the body, it is the kidneys that are held accountable for excreting them out along with the urine. When there is any kidney damage or disease, they find it hard to work on the elimination process, and so the waste level rises up.
  • Many doctors suggest dialysis when the creatinine level is too high. However, this is one of the factors to consider whether you need a kidney treatment or not.
  • Other problems that might arise if the ayurvedic treatment for serum creatinine is delayed for a prolonged period of time. These include urinary tract infections, unusual muscle breakdown, diabetes, or even autoimmune diseases.

Why Is Karma Ayurveda Best For High Creatinine Treatment?

You are well aware that the blood must be clear of toxins in order for the body to function at its peak. The body is susceptible to severe disorders like uremia when there is an excess of waste products in the blood, including creatinine. For individuals seeking ayurvedic treatment for kidney creatinine to eliminate toxic compounds from their body, Karma Ayurveda can provide you with some of the finest treatments.

Our patient centred approach remains to be the core of the ayurvedic high creatinine treatments that is essential to patient recovery and growth. Our kidney experts are highly experienced and provide their patients with the best and customised treatments after analysing the symptoms being experienced.


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