What Is Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid cancer is a solid tumour cancer that usually appears as a nodule or mass in the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a quarter-sized, butterfly-shaped gland that is located at the front base of your throat. It produces hormones that control the body's temperature, metabolism, and heart rate

When malignant cells proliferate too quickly for the immune system to handle, thyroid cancer results. It can occur in any age group, although it mostly affects women three times more often than males. It is most frequent after the age of thirty. In older adults, thyroid cancer tends to be more aggressive.

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Types of Thyroid Cancer

There are four main types of thyroid cancer. These are-

  • Papillary cancer- Papillary cancer is the most common form of thyroid cancer. It usually affects 80% of thyroid cancer patients, especially women under the age of 40.
  • Follicular cancer- It is the second most common type of thyroid cancer. It tends to affect older people and is less common in children.
  • Medullary thyroid cancer- This kind is uncommon because it makes up only 3% of instances of thyroid cancer. Medullary carcinoma differs from other forms of thyroid cancer in that it may be unpleasant and sensitive to touch.
  • Anaplastic cancer- This is the rarest and most deadly type of thyroid cancer. It usually affects old people over 60 years old and has a very low cure rate.

Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

The most common early sign of thyroid cancer is an unusual nodule, lump or swelling in the neck. Most thyroid nodules are usually benign, but it's important to see a cancer specialist for any unusual growths. Other early symptoms of thyroid cancer include-

  • Fatigue.
  • Hoarseness or other voice changes.
  • Swelling in the neck.
  • Persistent cough not caused by a cold.
  • Neck pain.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Difficulty swallowing.

Risk Factors of Thyroid Cancer

Some factors that can increase your risk of thyroid cancer are-

  • A family history of a faulty gene (RET gene).
  • Having a thyroid disorder such as enlarged thyroid gland (goitre) or thyroid nodules.
  • Exposure to some forms of radiation, such as radiation therapy treatment in childhood.

What Are The Complications Of Thyroid Cancer?

It is possible for thyroid cancer to metastasis, or spread, to other areas of your body, including the liver, lungs, or bones. Early detection and treatment of thyroid cancer lowers the chance of metastases.

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Patient Testimonials



My name is Arya. My granduncle was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Since he was allergic to allopathic medicines, ayurveda was the only option. We started his treatment straightaway with Karma Ayurveda. The results were slow; but steady. After few months, his symptoms such as hoarse voice and swallowing issues were gone completely. A thumbs up from my end.



My wife Riya Shenoy’s voice suddenly changed and it became hoarse. After a thorough examination, it was discovered she had an early-stage throat cancer. After treating her disease with various clinics and getting unsatisfactory results, we decided to give Karma Ayurveda a shot. Doctor Puneet Dhawan understood our concerns very well and gave us an herbal treatment plan. Her voice-quality improved and throat cancer also went away after some time. Thanks a ton to Karma Ayurveda



Hi, Neeva here and I am 42 years old. I had a persistent neck pain few months back and it was discovered that I had throat cancer. Post the allergic reaction, I was averse towards going for a clinical treatment for my disease. My friend recommended me Karma Ayurveda for my treatment. For the past few months, I have been treating my throat cancer from Karma Ayurveda and the results have been pretty good. Kudos to Karma Ayurveda team for devising a treatment plan that is effective and free from side-effects.



I am Natasha and my dad had thyroid cancer. His symptoms such as hoarseness in the voice were worsening with each passing day. After trying out many clinics, I decided to visit Karma Ayurveda. The staff at the clinic was very co-operative. The doctor advised certain herbal formulations and dietary changes. At first, there were no visible improvements. However, after 2-3 months, my dad's symptoms eased down a lot, especially, fatigue and voice hoarseness. He is on a recovery path now. All thanks to Dr. Puneet



Hi, Manjita here. I had an early-stage thyroid cancer. My family believes a lot in Ayurvedic therapy and they took me to the Karma Ayurveda. The treatment plan was simple, with ayurvedic herbs in it. After few days itself, I saw a marked improvement in my symptoms such as neck pain and fatigue. My treatment is still on and I just hope that I am able to make a full recovery



Karma Ayurveda is one of the leading ayurvedic hospitals in our country and I visited this hospital when my father-in-law had thyroid cancer. His symptoms weren’t severe, as it was an early-stage cancer. The herbal medicines provided by Karma Ayurveda worked like magic and my father-in-law made a full recovery after few months. Huge thanks to Karma Ayurveda


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